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A word or two from our clients...

It's not just that the team at 2Bridge can find you a job, they can find you The Job. It'll pay well, doing something you're interested in, with other people who are usually cool. It'll be a good fit for you not just as a job, but as a person.


Lead Dev Ops Engineer

2Bridge Partners is the best technology recruiter I have ever worked with. Their recruiter took the time to learn my company, my department, and our projects--unusual among technology recruiters--and always provided excellent candidates who fit the corporate culture and whose tech skills were well matched to our needs.


VP of Engineering

I worked with several recruiters while interviewing at different employers, and 2Bridge Partners was by far the very best.


Director Security

I had the pleasure of working with 2Bridge Partners for a number of years. More recently as the Head of HR at Datalot, we had quite a few tech roles to fill internally and partnered closely with 2Bridge Partners to help us connect with top tech talent to make those key hires. Can't recommend him enough to help grow your tech team!


Director of HR

Partnering with tech recruiters can have its ups and downs at times, however, working with 2Bridge has been a breath of fresh air. They are committed to the overall success of their client's needs and go the extra mile to remove any potential unconscious bias that may present itself. They have a knack for drilling into interviewer comments to understand the root of their concerns when necessary. They enhance the candidate experience and watch for ways to improve it over time.


Director Engineering

I worked with 2Bridge Partners over the last 10 years on both the "buy" side and "sell" side. Company recruiter l was extremely focused and committed in his work. I will continue to recommend him and 2Bridge Partners services.


Enterprise Engineering Manager

2Bridge is one of the good ones; they genuinely care about candidates and go out of their way to make the extra effort. During their time working with me, they answered every question, and every one of my concerns as well. They are professionals in every sense of the word.


Senior Systems Admin

2Bridge Partners is by far the best technology recruiter company in the NYC area. Not only does their team has a great eye for top talent but his ability to advise and work with both candidates and hiring managers is amazing.  
2Bridge Partners professionals are unique among the recruiters with whom I have worked with as recruiter I wirked with was not only extremely professional and passionate about his work but always striving to serve his clients and candidates in the most effective manner possible. I heartily recommend 2Bridge Partners as a recruiters on behalf of any company or as an advocate for a job seeker.


Chief People Officer

Knowledgeable of Industry and Competitive Market. Trusted to find highly qualified candidates from entry-level to C-suite roles.   
I also appreciate their responsiveness and attention to our needs.


Director of HR

2Bridge Partners has been of tremendous help in my career path, finding me positions that match my skills and provided opportunity for growth 
2Bridge Partners company is a team of seasoned recruitment professionals that understand the IT industry and understand their clients. These guys do not work on an "assembly line" model as many others in my experience do, but really partners with you to make sure you get what will make you happy. You aren't just a number to their recruiter.   
2Bridge Partners team has professional, personable, and just an all around nice guys. I have been grateful for their recuiter help and advice.


Director of DevOps

2Bridge partners team ability to identify and attract top talent was truly remarkable and made a significant impact on our organization.


Director Engineering

I highly recommend 2Bridge Partners for all recruiting needs. 2Bridge Partners team has a close eye on the market and are able to spot trends. With their guidance, we were able to be proactive with market shifts and hit hiring targets.  During our time 2Bridge Partners successfully closed several candidates while helping identify process improvement methods.  
I would work with 2Bridge Partners and their professionals again if given the opportunity!


Director Talent Acquisition

2Bridge partners brought great talent to the team! It was awesome working with them!


Senior Director Recruiting Ops

2Bridge Partners has definitely a very skilled recruiters in their team. I engaged 2Bridge to hire several engineers which resulted in some of my personal favorite new hires.  2Bridge company helped us successfully identify, attract and onboard some of the greatest new hires we have on our engineering team now, highly recommend working with them!


Director Front End Engineering

2Bridge Partners is a great team and are amazing recruiters. I’ve worked with them several times over the years, both as a hiring manager and a job seeker. 2Bridge Partners recruiters will be always responsive to your requirements, whether you’re seeking to hire or be hired. Their team’s always highly professional, and I’d recommend them to anyone in an instant!


Principal Software Engineer

2Bridge Partners landed me in a great job at a great company, and was a tremendous pleasure to work with. From opportunity identification, to working with me to understand my career and personal needs, to managing the hiring company relationship, 2Bridge Partners company excelled in all aspects. They are diligent, responsive, and a great guys. I highly recommend 2Bridge Partners.


Sr Manager of Engineering

2Bridge Partners is an excellent recruiting partner— their team is tenacious, motivated, and capable. 2Bridge Partners ability to engage technology talent is impressive, as is their team ability to efficiently vet and close candidates. Working with this company as an internal partner to our engineering team, their consultant consistently demonstrated a drive and creativity that helped us find success in a fast-paced and volatile talent market.


VP Engineering

2Bridge Partners is a pleasure to work with company and a true "recruiting partner". Their rectuiters are great collaborators and build a quality pipeline of candidates.  
I would be happy to work with 2Bridge Partners and their team again.


VP of Software Engineering

I worked directly with 2Bridge partners over the last several months. During this time, their team was able to close several candidates while helping to point out several potential issues while I was onboarding. 2Bridge was great resource, and I was happy to have their expertise.  They keep a close eye on the market and act as strategic advisors. I would love to work with 2Bridge Partners and their consultants again!


Head of Recruiting

Simply put, 2Bridge Partners is a master of his trade. I've worked with (and alongside) hundreds of recruiters over the years. 2Bridge Partners team is by far the best. Whether you are their client or their candidate, guys have their fingers on the pulse of the market and will provide you with guidance that is in your best interests.  
2Bridge Partners company has excellent business acumen and runs his practice with sound professional ethics and morals. I can't recommend the 2Bridge team highly enough.


VP of Talent Acquisition

2Bridge was a fantastic resource from the moment they reached out to me about a new opportunity. Maintaining constant, consistent, and great feedback throughout the process. Their communication and professionalism were second to none and it was refreshing to work with such passionate and driven individual.
Not only did I have the experience of working with them as a new candidate, but as a hiring manager soon thereafter coordinating internally with him to identify and facilitate additions for my team as we grew. Their professionalism, communication, and industry knowledge continued to be a significant factor in not only my growth and success, but expanding to others as well.
I would be so honored to partner with them in the future again and look forward to that next opportunity.


Director, Systems Engineering

2Bridge Partners is a great recruitment company to work with, these recruiters have great energy and cared about finding the right opportunity for me. Within a few days of talking to 2Bridge Partners guys had me interviewing at a top notch company and provided excellent advice for the  interviews, about the company and people I spoke to. 2Bridge Partners recruiters definitely care about all the details and do a great job finding the right role for the right person.  My recruiter was the real deal, great personality and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend 2Bridge Partners.


Engineering Manager

2Bridge Partners is a great talent acquisition professional team. They're also great guys! 2Bridge Partners recruiter always set my team and organization up for success. The pipeline that was built and guidance given through the entire sourcing and hiring process was amazing. In the current market it’s so hard to find and acquire talent. We could not have done that without 2Bridge Partners.


Head of Recruiting

I first used 2Bridge Partners services in 2008 and always found their recruiter to be extremely personalable and was able to provide advice with regards to the market, in addition he provided an outstanding level of service. I would have no hesitation in endorsing the services 2Bridge Partners can provide.


Sr Manager Talent Acquisition

2Bridge has been a tremendous recruiting partner. Their team sources highly qualified candidates from bar raising engineers to senior technology leaders. Professionals worked with our teams to zero in on our position profiles and delivered targeted candidates that moved directly to phone screens. They short circuited the process and saved us the time of weeding through a sea of résumés.



2Bridge Partners team has helped me with placement at a superior financial technology shop. They proved persistant and helpful in achieving my goals. I highly recommend recruiters at 2Bridge Partners.


Engineering Manager

I thoroughly enjoyed working with 2Bridge Partners. They provided a strong talent pipeline and facilitated smooth interview debrief meetings.


Director Back End Engineering


Looking for your next tech hire?

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2Bridge Partners has a comprehensive network of relationships in the Tech world. We understand that hiring the right professional has a considerable impact on your organization. Our goal is to make that process smooth, efficient, and cost effective. We offer a variety of flexible solutions to meet your Tech staffing needs. Give us a call, or request staff and find out how we can deliver for you.

What You Can Expect From Us:
  • Listening is imperative to achieving any goal. It’s why we always listen attentively to all clients to help achieve shared goals and consistently deliver on expectations.
  • Working in a consultative manner is not just something we commit to; it’s fundamental to how we operate as a business.
  • Saying ‘yes’ consistently is the easy option. For us, being consultative means often saying no when the vast majority would drown in a sea of ‘yes’s’.
  • Our experience doesn’t just help our knowledge of the market. It means we’re fully in-tune with it, understanding exactly what is required at any given moment.
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2Bridge Partners brings the human factor back to recruiting. We recognize that every individual is different, with varying career goals and objectives. We strive to understand our candidates and to uncover opportunities to meet their individual needs. We want you to love your job and our goal is to enable you to find the right career path for you. Give us a call, let’s start the conversation.

What You Can Expect From Us:
  • We’re committed to offering total transparency to every candidate in process with us.
  • We promise to always ensure candidates are as fully prepared as possible prior to going to an interview.
  • We commit to being transparent and communicative – whether that’s on the phone or picking up emails, we’re not people who shy away from a conversation.
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  • RaaS - Recruitment as a Service

    Making multiple hires for high-growth companies easy and cost-effective while delivering white-glove service.
  • Flexible Staffing

    Need additional staff to help manage dynamic workloads, new projects, or employee absences? We’ve got you covered.
  • Full Time & Executive Search

    A granular search across technical and cultural aspects that require a deep dive to find the perfect hire, whenever you need it.
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