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5 Ways Job Seekers Can Make Themselves Standout

Zak Brocchini

  • 02-23-2023
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Much like the labor market, the recruiting industry changes rapidly and often in unexpected ways.  The tech hiring market froze temporarily during COVID, then after a short breather became robust very quickly.  Though the media keeps talking about a recession, the unemployment rate is at a historic low and job seekers have many options to choose from.  This is a challenging time for companies to recruit qualified tech staff, and a good time to see what opportunities are out there for you.

A robust hiring market means candidates have more options, though it doesn’t mean every option will be viable.  Technology has made applying for roles easy, and the volume recruiters manage is much larger.  It’s important for candidates to showcase themselves and their skills so they standout to recruiters and employers.  Here are 5 ways to get noticed.

Apply For Positions You’re Qualified For

Recruiters will typically receive hundreds of resumes for each position posted.  The majority are from people who are not qualified for that role.  If you are interested in a company, apply for a position you’re qualified for, rather than hoping the recruiter will notice your resume and have something else.  Applying for roles that a candidate is not qualified for garners the wrong type of attention.  A recruiter may remember your name and not even look at your profile in the future as they remember the profile was unqualified in the past.  A good approach is to focus on positions you are qualified for, and tailor your resume to highlight your accomplishments.  The job description will have the requirements, you should include relevant information that addresses the managers needs.  Once you’ve connected with a recruiter, it’s a good idea to follow up with them from time to time.

Utilize Social Media Effectively

A thoughtful online presence is crucial to getting noticed.  LinkedIn is a great source for identifying roles and the right person to engage.  Use a professional picture on LinkedIn.  Have your profile speak to your professional accomplishments.  If you’re using other social media platforms, make sure you don’t have public content that might negatively impact you.  I once had a law firm pull an offer from a candidate who had an open social media profile with pictures of him playing beer-pong.  It’s a good idea to make your social media profiles private.  While everyone should be free to express themselves, it’s better to have a private profile and not risk losing an opportunity.

Engage On LinkedIn

People who are visible on LinkedIn or other platforms have an edge over their competition.  It’s a good idea to share news and information relevant to your industry or skill set.  Original content is great, reposting articles and content from other connections is also effective.  Commenting and liking posts is a great way to get noticed as well.  Recruiters spend a lot of time on LinkedIn.  Showing up in their feed and engaging with their content is a great way to make an impression.

Be Reachable

It’s frustrating to review a resume and want to talk to a candidate, only to find out they haven’t included contact info.  If a recruiter is on the fence about a profile and there’s no contact info, they will delete your application and move on.  When you apply for a role, you’re looking to engage with a recruiter, make yourself reachable.  It’s perfectly fair if you’re not available to talk when a recruiter calls out of the blue, and/or to let a call go to voicemail.  If you have each other’s contact info you can always schedule a time.

Obtain Certifications

Especially in technology, managers love to see certifications.  When a recruiter sees certifications, it definitely stands out.  Many companies will pay for tech certifications which can be costly.  If you’re unemployed adding a certification will make you more marketable.  It’s a good way to network within your field as well.


Technology is helping the recruiting industry evolve.  Applicant Tracking Systems, Artificial Intelligence, and Communications tools have all changed the way recruiters’ source.  Make sure your profile and resume are optimized to be identified by these tools.  Knowledge and experience are always the most important, though being noticed in a crowded field is also crucial.  Candidates who stand out will have better opportunities presented to them.

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