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Nomad Health Aims to Scale Quickly With 2Bridge Partners RaaS

Zak Brocchini

  • 07-12-2023
  • Case studies

The Situation:

Nomad Health had recently secured a 63 million-dollar Series D, and needed to hire quickly to meet their product milestones. The Nomad internal recruiting team lacked the personnel, process, infrastructure, and tools to handle the volume of hiring they needed to achieve in the time frame.

The Journey to Success:

Nomad Health selected 2Bridge Partners for a Recruitment-as-a-Service (RaaS) engagement. The goal was to hire 60 people across engineering, including: VP IT, Senior Director of Applications, Director of Information Security, Director of Systems, Director Projects, 5 Software Engineering Managers, 3 Site Reliability Engineers, 25+ Software Engineers, 1 System Engineer, 1 Support Engineer.

2Bridge Partners was responsible for driving and defining the Talent Acquisition process, selecting tools, working with leadership to craft job descriptions, developing a posting strategy, candidate outreach strategy, and providing training, and mentorship for additional Talent Acquisition team members, as they were hired.

2Bridge Partners assigned two senior embedded recruiters and two dedicated sourcers, and collaborated closely with the Nomad leadership team, creating a weekly Sync to discuss strategy, work through blockers and ensure alignment.  Each search kicked off with a detailed intake with the hiring manager, followed with weekly syncs with the appropriate hiring stakeholders to ensure calibration on technical skillset and cultural fit. 2Bridge created a “candidate sharing” slack channel to ensure all hiring managers were aware of all vetted and interviewed candidates.

The 2Bridge team identified over 6k potential candidates and curated target lists for each skillset. Custom outreach messaging was crafted to engage passive candidates and then direct them to Nomad Health's careers page to increase passive candidate traffic. We also employed a bespoke posting strategy, combining traditional job posts and social selling, to further passive candidate engagement and traffic.

2Bridge screened candidates for specific roles and teams. We managed the interview process, including post-interview debriefs with the hiring panel.  2Bridge worked with the Engineering, Finance and Compensation Leadership consulting on compensation packages, managing offers through approvals, and then presenting them.

Originally planned for a 6-month engagement, the project was extended to a year. During this time, Nomad Health successfully doubled their headcount, exceeded the hiring goal of 60 people.  2Bridge helped upskill the talent team, implemented a range of best practices, and built a talent funnel for Software Engineers, and Engineering Managers ensuring Nomad would hire quickly without sacrificing quality.  2Bridge worked very closely with the Compensation team, tracking data and leveraging it to ensure compensation packages were competitive. 2Bridge drove the candidate acceptance rate from 40% to 95%. 

The Client:

Nomad Health is committed to removing obstacles between healthcare providers and the patients they care for, by creating a self-service digital marketplace for healthcare jobs, helping clinicians discover rewarding opportunities. Nomad Health utilizes transformative technology to connect travel clinicians to open jobs nationwide and enable facilities to quickly and efficiently fill their staffing needs.


  • Working with 2Bridge has been a breath of fresh air. They are committed to the overall success of their client's needs and go the extra mile to remove any potential unconscious bias that may present itself. They have a knack for drilling into interviewer comments to understand the root of their concerns when necessary. They enhance the candidate experience and proactively look for ways to improve it.  -Charles, VP Engineering
  • I highly recommend 2Bridge Partners for all recruiting needs.   They have a close eye on the market and are able to spot trends. With their guidance, we were able to be proactive with market shifts and hit our hiring targets.  2Bridge successfully closed many product and engineering candidates while helping identify process improvement methods. 2Bridge is my go to partner!  -Nick, Head of Recruiting

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