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Noble Markets Leverages 2Bridge's Recruitment-as-a-Service (RaaS) To Keep Pace With Hiring During The Crypto Craze Of 2019

Lou Ligouri

  • 04-30-2020
  • Case studies

Noble Markets Leverages 2Bridge's Recruitment-as-a-Service (RaaS) To Keep Pace With Hiring During The Crypto Craze Of 2019 

The Challenge: 

In 2019, as the crypto industry was growing and evolving rapidly, Noble Markets closed their Series A and had Billions of client money sitting in custody. They were looking to hire aggressively and contracted 2Bridge for a year-long engagement to assist their growth. The task was to hire 40 people, including 5 Subject Matter Experts (Crypto, FX, Arduino, Security/Encryption), 5 Software Engineering Managers (SEM), and six people for each engineering team.  

Our Strategy: 

Regarding Talent Acquisition, Noble only had an ATS, no recruiters, and a Human Resources person. They were spending a fortune paying agencies a per-placement fee. They had a small technical team, including the recently hired Head of Engineering. They effectively had no talent brand in the market and no participation in the NYC tech community. We worked with the Head of Engineering and the CFO to craft a strategy. Once we hired the SEM team, we split time between finding their direct reports and simultaneously "headhunting" the specialists.  

Our Approach: 

    Communication: Besides leveraging Slack DMs and various channels to create open and real-time communication, we held weekly meetings with the Head of Engineering focused on what was working, what wasn't, what needed to change, and how to evolve recruitment processes. As the team grew, we incorporated more people into these syncs.  

    Executive Recruiter: At the beginning of the engagement, Noble had very few technical people to interview and hire at their desired scale and speed. We paired our top executive recruiter to work closely with the Head of Engineering to focus on hiring the 5 SEMs, creating the base of leadership who would help interview and build the framework for all technical interviewing moving forward.  

    Establish Processes: Now that Noble had an SEM Team, we worked closely with them to implement interviewing best practices and rubrics to eliminate bias and create a workable interview framework to deploy across engineering. We customized the ATS, creating scorecards and rubrics. We built their careers page on the website and LinkedIn. Throughout onboarding, a consistent focus was interview training so team members could step in quickly and instantly know what and how to evaluate. 

    Build a brand: At the start, Noble had no careers page or authentic "Talent Brand." Once we created a careers page for their website and on LinkedIn, we partnered with Stack Overflow, BuiltinNYC, and other such sites to build buzz. Our team created content to raise awareness, and we cross-posted it on LinkedIn, social media, and other talent communities. We incorporated email marketing and our AI tooling to find specialized candidates and crafted comprehensive email and SMS campaigns to drive passive engagement. In doing these things, we effectively tapped both the passive and active markets.  


Contracted for a year, 2Bridge was able to hire the leadership within two months and had their teams staffed within six months while actively headhunting the specialist roles. As the engagement continued, additional hires occurred. We built a DevOps Team, an Applications Support team, and a QA Automation team. Noble quintupled in size, going from 40 people to 200 by the conclusion. We far exceeded our expectations. Noble spent a fraction of what they had been spending on traditional agencies.  

The Client:  

Noble Markets is a next-generation banking platform that provides post-trade technology for OTC markets. Their sister company, Noble Bank International, is a non-fractional reserve bank that focuses solely on enabling clients to clear, net, and settle FX & OTC transactions in real time​ 

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