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May Mobility Achieves Aggressive Hiring Goal By Engaging 2Bridge Partners RaaS

Lou Ligouri

  • 04-29-2024
  • Case studies

May Mobility Achieves Aggressive Hiring Goal By Engaging 2Bridge Partners RaaS

The Challenge

In the summer of 2022, the Head of Recruitment returned from maternity leave to find out her Lead Tech Recruiter had left on medical leave, and another recruitment team member had resigned. Down two people and short-staffed, with 30 high-priority positions to fill across engineering and robotics, she reached out to 2Bridge Partners for help. She needed a service that would ramp up quickly, understand the Detroit Metro Market, and make hires across engineering and robotics, all in a very niche industry space and in a white-hot candidate market.

The Solution

2Bridge, with a wealth of experience working in the Detroit market, had helped scale recruitment for StockX (another Detroit unicorn) and was a natural partner.  2Bridge assigned a Technical Recruiter with experience taking startup tech companies from greenfield to late stage to embed with May Mobility. The Recruiter worked closely with May’s Head of Talent and Technical Leadership to understand their processes and requirements, taking the searches to market.  Can one person fill the place of 3? Yes, with RaaS, that's possible.  The embedded Recruiter was supported by 2Bridge Partners experienced sourcing team; they handled the research and passive recruitment while he managed the more complex parts - like prequalification, interviewing, stakeholder management, and, of course, guiding people through the process, including offer delivery, negotiations and finally closing the candidates, and getting them to start.

The Process

The Recruiter from 2Bridge conducted a thorough intake meeting with the leadership team to understand the various positions, followed by a crash course in their interview processes and TA framework. Areas for improvement were identified and implemented, including tweaking a bias-free interview process and reviewing DEI practices. The Recruiter also identified and remediated recruitment bottlenecks, managed processes, interviewed candidates, consulted on and presented offers leading to hires, and ensured all stakeholders were informed of progress.

The Sourcers, equipped with 2Bridge's proprietary AI tooling, identified a comprehensive pipeline of candidates for each skill set.  Sourcers stay in constant contact with the 2Bridge Recruiter via MS Teams and a scheduled video meeting each day, ensuring they are aware of any changes and can refine their searches and skill sets in real time.  They created lists of thousands of people who specialized in multiple facets of engineering, including robotics, autonomy, software, machine learning, and machine vision. Once compiled, they targeted the passive market in the Detroit Area with highly focused and tailored email marketing and SMS campaigns to engage with candidates directly while also working to drive additional traffic back to our Recruiter and the May Mobility Careers page.


With our ability to move quickly and leverage industry-leading tools and best practices, we ensured May Mobility lost no time in the war for talent. The engagement was for three months initially but continued for almost a year. 

About May Mobility

May Mobility is at the forefront of transforming urban landscapes through autonomous vehicle solutions. The company develops and deploys self-driving shuttles that aim to change how people navigate cities, offering a safer, more efficient, and scalable transit solution. Their innovative approach has made significant strides in making autonomous public transportation a reality, improving mobility and accessibility in urban environments.

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