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LearnVest Stands Up Cloud & Cloud Security With Help From 2Bridge Partners' RaaS!

Lou Ligouri

  • 05-24-2019
  • 5 min read.

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LearnVest Stands Up Cloud & Cloud Security With Help From 2Bridge Partners' RaaS! 

The Situation: 

LearnVest, an NYC-based FinTech led by Alexa Von Tobel, was executing an aggressive push for growth across engineering, and standing up Cloud and Cloud Security, as part of a larger Cloud Transformation, and as part of acquisition conversations with Northwestern Mutual. The internal talent acquisition team at Learnvest was understaffed and lacked the tools and expertise to keep pace with the hiring goals.  

The Journey to Success: 

LearnVest selected 2Bridge Partners for a Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) engagement. The goal was to staff out targeted and specific growth areas within the company, including Cloud Security, Application Security, Cloud Platform, and Security Architecture. This would lead the way in a larger cloud transformation within Northwestern Mutual. 

2Bridge Partners took charge of several key areas: 

  • Working closely with the VP of Infrastructure, CTO, and Chief Architect to understand the requirements and craft recruitment strategies to identify and engage with specific skill sets.

  • Using a "talent-funnel" across Engineering to recruit and hire Software Engineers quickly and efficiently.  

  • Advise on a new tooling stack to target niche skillsets outside job boards and LinkedIn. 

  • Reworking existing job descriptions and writing new job descriptions for then-comparatively new functions such as App Security and DevSecOps.  

  • Creating outreach strategies to attract high-caliber passive candidates.

  • Working closely with the team across Learnvest TA to eliminate roadblocks, uncover hiring obstacles, mentor junior team members, and work to upskill across the organization.  

The collaboration was structured to include routine strategy meetings with LearnVest's leadership, targeted plans for filling different roles, leveraging the "talent-funnel" to fill high-volume Software Engineer positions quickly, and streamlining the recruitment, interview, and onboarding process from start to finish. 


The contract was an aggressive hiring deliverable to be executed within 1 quarter but was extended for 2 additional quarters for exceeding the deliverables. 2Bridge Partners played a vital role in bringing onboard key hires, opening the door for an enterprise-wide cloud and digital transformation, and hiring software engineers across the company. All of this was done with a focus on instituting industry best practices and creating a sustainable recruitment system that ensured high-quality hires continued well beyond the initial engagement and once the engagement was wound down.  

The Client: 

LearnVest is a dynamic company committed to providing accessible financial planning services. It is known for leveraging advanced technology to offer personalized financial advice to help customers manage their finances more effectively and achieve their monetary goals. At the time, it had secured its Series D and was in negotiations for a potential acquisition by Northwestern Mutual. 

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