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What's Your Value Proposition?

Lou Ligouri

  • 12-12-2023
  • 5 min read.

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Understanding and articulating your value proposition is potentially the most difficult yet important part of looking for a new job. In most cases, this is how you set yourself apart from the sea of other candidates and applicants out there. This is particularly important in a job search resulting from a layoff or reduction in force.

The Keys:

1️⃣ Identify Your Value: Recognize your unique skills and achievements. But how do we do this? Make a list of the skills and achievements that you’ve used to make an impact in your current or past roles. Updating your resume is helpful - think about what you have done, accomplished, and brought to the table, and put it on paper.

2️⃣ Understand your audience: This is the key to being able to identify what your true value proposition is - in most instances, what you bring to the table will vary depending on the job, the person you are speaking to, and even the company you interview with. There is no one-size-fits-all here. To sell yourself you must understand the problem your audience is solving; to do that, Listening, note-taking, and comprehensive preparation are key.

1️⃣ Demonstrate your value by sharing examples of how you used your skills and abilities to drive results. Be Specific: Focus on one or two areas, and give concrete real-life examples of how they led you to accomplish something. When possible, use quantitative data to reinforce your accomplishments. This will be a distinct advantage over other candidates.

3️⃣ Align Your Message: Once you have identified your value proposition, it's essential to speak with relevant, real-world examples, citing plenty of data. In addition, positioning yourself is about what you do and dont say - be strategic. Think of yourself as an information broker; what you share or dont share can be a potential windfall or a loss. Tailor every message and every conversation; pay close attention to your audience and choose your words carefully.

4️⃣ Be Authentic: It's not enough to simply understand what makes you valuable; it's important to convey that value but you also want your audience to want you for you. Be your best authentic self.

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